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There Is No Institutional Racism In The UK

Monday July 19th, 2021 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

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Don’t you kneel on my neck and then mystify the process to act as if you are not doing anything!"

From the play 'There Is No Institutional Racism In The UK'

It's July 2021 and Lyla’s Place has thrown out another challenge to the community write a “theatrical response” to the statement  Racism is a stain on sports.

Five individuals with a passion for writing took up the challenge.


Lynnette Smith

Lynnette grew up in Manchester in a Jamaican household.  A creative from as long as she can remember her passion has always been clothing design.  She is very excited to have been able to attend the playwrighting workshops with Lyla's Place and describes the experience as inspiring.

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Imani Wenham

Imani Wenham grew up consuming the arts from a young age, she has always enjoyed writing and is excited to have been a part of this process to create this piece of performance with Lyla's Place Productions.

1. ROSE.jpg

Rose Euphrase

ROSE is originally from Tanzania, East Africa. She has lived in the UK for over 18 years. She is an activist and advocate in the HIV sector. She has a love of acting and is finding her confidence is building with each play she performs in. With no writing experience, she attended Lyla’s Place playwrighting workshop and wrote the play CHAPMAN'S HEAD OFFICE which is semi-autobiographical.


Tyan Jones

TYAN JONES is an actor, writer, and creative freelancer. She teaches babies and toddlers sign language and runs her own company 'Dramagical Entertainment' creating and delivering community workshops. She inspires the younger generation in a safe space where they are free to explore who they are with no judgement, prejudice and full freedom of expression, learning to respect each other's differences through expressive arts. She is thrilled to be part of 'Lylas Place' reading a well written poem in her inherited Caribbean accent and performing in her own play 'Conscientious Coupling'. As a black woman she's passionate about promoting the black female voice positively to spark understanding and inclusivity.

Tam J Miller

Tam J Miller grew up in London. After working in the theatre for a number of years she now works in the health service where she uses a social justice framework in her work with children, young people and families. She has found the process of writing The Eviction and being part of Lyla's Place an inspiring journey!

5 writers| 4 workshops | 3 plays| 2 poems later

They present:


  • The Sister I Never Knew poem by Lynnette Smith; performed by Tyan Jones

  • Beaches, Barbies and Bakeries poem by Imani Wenham; performed by Tyan Jones


  • The Eviction written by Tam J Miller - Performed by Vanessa Owusu, Tomi Ogunjobi

A daughter is frustrated at work. Her mother is busy trying to prevent an eviction. Can mother and daughter support each other through their individual oppressions?

  • Head Office written by Rose Euphrase - Performed by Rose Euphrase, Estelle Ndungu, Zhen Li, Jessica Da Silva

“It’s better to promote a White person, rather than a Black person. White people do a better job, they listen, they know how to follow instructions.”

  • Conscientious Coupling written by Tyan Jones - Performed by Adam Perrott, Tyan Jones.

​"Is Jada just another angry and aggressive Black woman?  Mark is confused when his compliments to Jada seem to cause offence"    



  • The Lynching of George Floyd poem by Lyla's Place; performed by the whole cast

  • The Review by Lyla's Place - Performed by Oyinka Yusuff, Jaymez Anderson, M.K.Rose, Zhen Li, Vanessa Owusu

"Victoria finds herself fighting for her rights in a world where life as we know it is reversed and Black people are the superior race.'

  • Arrested by Lyla's Place - Performed by Jaymez Anderson, Vanessa Owusu, Tomi Ogunjobi, Adam Perrott, Zhen Li, M.K. Rose

“If you came here to protest about the police, or your neighbour, shopkeeper or employer, you may as well have stayed at home, this is all about the system."



(Bespoke Clothing)

Many Black businesses fail due to lack of support.  Buying from Black businesses cultivates racial pride and solidarity in our communities, it’s not radical, reactive or cute to buy Black.  We build our communities by the support we give to each other.

Each Lyla’s Place Production promotes and headlines a Black business. This production is supporting “Elle Esse Designs” a start up clothing design company. The founder Lynnette Smith is a lover of bespoke clothing.  For this production she has designed a tee-shirt range, promoting Black pride.  Her designs are of positive Black clip art as well as images of Black icons with inspirational quotes.


Do you have a favourite quote?  Lynnette can print your chosen wording on your tee-shirt.  No two are identical.  Want to stand out in the crowd, while supporting a Black start up company?  Then purchase a tee-shirt designed by Elle Esse Designs.


Lynnette is a fashion designer with a passion for creating beautiful bespoke garments, she enjoys revamping old clothing and fabrics upcycling unwanted furniture. Her specialism is 1920s style vintage clothing and all designs are her own and unique. She also makes memory gifts such as cushions and has a passion for writing poetry.

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