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The Lynching of George Floyd

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

LYNCHING - An act of terror

Meant to spread fear among Black people

it serves the purpose of maintaining White supremacy

In 2020 Black men are afraid of the '20th century style of lynching”.

There was a lynching in Minneapolis

A lynching? That's just history, news past, news old

No, there was a lynching in Minneapolis, truth be told

Who would believe that in this day and age

A busy road would be the stage, of a black man's lynching.

Back in the day they'd chase and beat, sweating from heat

Hang him from the tree, to the delight and glee of the bystanders

While a child grins, the body swings to the rhythm of a creaking branch

“Fun's over” they cheer, pat each other on the back, then walk away, disappear

It's history right, lynching, that's what I've been told

So, how cold, how bold, to parade in view

With carefree banter, the hate of someone darker than you

His colour was his crime. The rhythm and rhyme of his lynching

It's history, lynching, isn't it? That's what you said

But, if it's history, how comes the Black man is dead, while the White man

Claims he had to be subdued “feared for my life”. The excuse they often use

About these men they emasculate. A dying Black Goliath crying for his Momma

It was a 20th century lynching, they've brought it right up to date

An action from the past, today still steeped in hate for the other, for difference

Billy Holiday sang about strange fruit, when they hung them from trees

Now, with emotionless mirth, today's fruit is crushed under their knees

They took his life in a public lynching. WWW dot, World wide view

Life slipping away, at the hands of society's protectors, nothing new

Black men across the world are not allowed to breathe, to be free

They don't have the same liberty, the same privilege as White society

There was a lynching in Minneapolis.

Written by Lyla Smith-Abass © 3rd June 2020

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