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Lyla's Place asked the question, What's On your Mind?

The Community Replied:

Racism in the UK

LYLA'S PLACE RESPONDED: Racism stems from the belief in the superiority of one race over another, with the White race seen as superior and the Black race inferior.  White superiority is a lie spread across the world by White scientists in the 1850s - it was an effort to prove that Black people were not fully human and therefore inferior.  This lie led to atrocities against Black people on an unprecedented scale.  Sadly, this belief is so ingriained into the psyche of individuals today, that both Black and White people are living with racial trauma.  The demonstrations in the UK, following the death of George Floyd, led to the government calling for a report on institutional racism in the UK. The report was a disaster - claiming that institutional racism did not exist.  But this is nothing new. The deep rooted racism that runs through UK institutions has been ignored for decadess, despite the protests of Black people. 

​​The damning Government Report led Lyla's Place to create a series of workshops and Zoom plays to explore Institutional Racism in the UK. There are 5 main institutions - FAMILY, GOVERNMENT, ECONOMY, EDUCATION, RELIGION - all of them are racist.  So let's continue to set the record straight.  Below are details of the next series of workshops leading to a Zoom Theatre performance.

Want to get involved then complete the contact form. 


Get involved - details below

Please donate towards the work if you can, let's keep this educational series alive.

REMEMBER: This is NOT the time to be distracted - FOCUS and direct your PURPOSE (NIA) on educating yourself and the next generation on how the lie of White superiority has killed our voices and our bodies for far too long.  Direct your NIA towards the emancipation of your mind from mental chains and in so doing, you can educate and help others within the community to undo the mis-education of the past.  There is no excuse for us to continue to allow ourselves to be mis-educated and consequently mistreated.  Let's bring back to our awareness the fact that we were once Kings and Queens.  We still are!  Join the workshop to share your stories of racism within UK institutions.





During August 2021 Lyla's Place is asking the question, What's On Your Mind about institutional racism.  There are a series of playwrighting workshops beginning in August,


these workshops will lead to a Zoom Theatre performance. 

Lyla's place will facilitate 5 Playwrighting Workshops exploring the statement


The workshops are for anyone whether you are a seasoned Playwright or not,

this will be a supportive writing group, where you will learn about playwrighting

and develop and write a piece of theatre to contribute towards a Zoom Theatre Performance  

WHEN: Sundays- 1.00pm to 3.00pm

DATES: beginning 15th August 2021

 COST: *Free*

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