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Lyla's Place asked the question, What's On your Mind?

The Community Replied:

HIV Pandemic and COVID-19 Pandemic

LYLA'S PLACE RESPONDED: HIV was initially believed to be a disease isolated to gay white men, but it soon became apparent that increasing numbers of people with Black/African heritage were being diagnosed with the virus.   COVID-19 has striking parallels to HIV.  Early rumours about Covid-19 suggested that Black people would not be harmed by the virus, however, just like HIV, it has now become apparent that Black communities are being disproportionately impacted by the virus.  At this time, our communities are heavily burdened with two concurrent pandemics HIV and Covid-19.




What's On Your Mind is a series of workshops

arising from the communities response to the question, What's On Your Mind (WOYM).

During March and May 2021 Lyla's Place will facilitate 4 workshops exploring

HIV, Stigma and Discrimination (including HIV symptoms and current treatment)

The workshops are for anyone wanting to learn more about HIV, it is not a therapy group and is open to people with a diagnosis or not - privacy assured

DAY: Tuesday evenings

DATES: 16th and 23rd March; 4th and 11th May

TIME: 5.00pm - 7.00pm

COST: *Free*

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